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  • A Typeface for the World: Adelle Sans Multiscript // LLC62

    Publication released: 2021
    Linked publisher: Type Together // LLP6
    Linked typefaces: Adelle Sans // LLT58
    Writing systems: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Greek, Lao, Latin, Thai
    Continent: Europe
    Letter Library permanent ID: LLC62


    Original Credits:

    Nearly a decade after Adelle Sans Latin was first published, we are proud to share with you our even-more-expanded multiscript Adelle Sans family. Designed through the joint effort of now three dozen experts, Adelle Sans supports eleven writing systems and over 400 languages, making it the go-to typeface for international brands and products in the digital and physical world. We are excited to invite you — again — to see the unparalleled global reach of our multiscript Adelle Sans family.


    Type Design Azza Alameddine (Arabic) Veronika Burian Suppakit Chalermlarp (Lao) Jan Charvát (Georgian) Yan Cui, FounderType (Chinese) Vera Evstafieva (Cyrillic) Roxane Gataud (Latin Extended) Gor Jihanian (Armenian) Erin McLaughlin (Devanagari) Octavio Pardo (Cyrillic) Li Qi, FounderType (Chinese) Akaki Radmadze (Georgian) Pooja Saxena (Devanagari) José Scaglione Vaibhav Singh (Devanagari) Smich Smanloh (Thai) Shipeng Su, FounderType (Chinese) Liron Lavi Turkenich (Hebrew) Irene Vlachou (Greek) Junfang Wang, FounderType (Chinese) Anuthin Wongsunkakon (Thai) Consultancy Pilar Cano (Thai) Vera Evstafieva (Cyrillic) Borna Izadpanah (Arabic) Alexandra Korolkova (Cyrillic) Ben Mitchell (Lao & Thai) Dr Don Osborn (Latin Extended) Hrant Papazian (Armenian) Fiona Ross (Arabic & Devanagari) Vaibhav Singh (Devanagari) Adi Stern (Hebrew) Aleksander Sukiasov (Georgian) Translation & proofreading Shani Avni (Hebrew) Vera Evstafieva (Cyrillic) Sirin Gunkloy (Thai) Gor Jihanian (Armenian) Zhao Liu (Chinese) Akaki Radmadze (Georgian) Sengkeo Vangxiengvue (Lao) Quality assurance Azza Alameddine Ben Mitchell (Thai & Lao) Engineering Joancarles Casasín Suppakit Chalermlarp (Lao) Ying Luan (Chinese & Latin) Pooja Saxena (Devanagari) Smich Smanloh (Thai) Sonja Stange (Greek) Graphic design Rabab Charafeddine Roxane Gataud (Arabic) Pooja Saxena (Devanagari) Mint Tantisuwanna (Thai) Elena Veguillas (Art Editor) Motion Design Cecilia Brarda Copywriting Joshua Farmer

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