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  • Fabel, the animal typeface // LLC81

    Publication released: 2017
    Linked publisher: Typearture // LLP28
    Linked typefaces: Fabel // LLT67
    Continent: Europe
    Country: Netherlands
    Letter Library permanent ID: LLC81


    Original credits:

    An animal typeface that lets the animal dictate the shape of the letter, instead of using an existing font and adding added tails and whiskers. Fabel has no clipped wings and no cropped tails, each animal is showcased at it’s best: wings spread, feathers ruffled, claws sharp and backs straight.

    With the diversity of Earth’s wildlife in a full Latin character set with both upper and lower case, Fabel fills out the ABC, from the A of Anteater to the Z of Zander.

    Animation by Francois Cauderlier, at Calango.

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    Fabel, the animal typeface (Type Specimen & Marketing Videos)

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