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  • Introducing FF Bauer Grotesk // LLC3

    Publication released: 2014
    Linked typefaces: FF Bauer Grotesk // LLF3
    Writing systems: Latin
    Continent: Europe
    Country: Germany
    Letter Library permanent ID: LLC3


    Original credits:
    None of the names, places, corporations and titles depicted in the video are real, any resemblance is coincidental. We would like to thank the real people in the footage for their (unintentional) contribution. In chronological order: Thanks to Lowell Thomas for his classic good looks. Thanks to Bill Bass and another unnamed guy (with a great mustache) for their driving skills. Thanks to Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens for their musical talent and especially Frank DeNunzio for his stellar bass performance. Thanks to The Winter Sisters for their impressive dance skills and to Clyde Pangborn for piloting the “Flying Flea”.
    Footage: Archive.org, 35mm Stock Footage Collection (archive.org/details/35mmstockfootage) 
    And most of all, thanks to Friedrich Bauer for drawing a great typeface. It has been a pleasure reviving it.

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    Introducing FF Bauer Grotesk (Type Specimen & Marketing Videos)

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