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  • Rezak // LLC64

    Publication released: 2022
    Linked publisher: Type Together // LLP6
    Linked typefaces: Rezak // LLT60
    Writing systems: Cyrillic, Latin
    Continent: Europe
    Letter Library permanent ID: LLC64


    Original credits:

    Say hello to Anya Danilova’s Rezak font family, a jaunty and daring Latin and Cyrillic typeface that includes an incised version and icons — a full-fledged design for logotypes, packaging, movies, children’s books, and gaming.

    Nothing is hidden in the simplistic forms and overt aesthetic of Anya Danilova’s Rezak font family. Rezak is not a type family directly from the digital world, but was inspired by the stout presence of cutting letters out of tangible material: paper, stone, and wood. With only a few cuts, the shapes remain dark and simple. With more cuts, the shapes become lighter and more defined, resulting in a dynamic type family not stuck within one specific category.

    Rezak includes a total of ten styles: four weights and matching italics for text setting (Regular, Semibold, Bold and Extrabold), and the Black and Incised display styles. All ten styles cover two scripts, Latin and Cyrillic.   


    Type Design:
    Anya Danilova
    Motion Design by:
    Cecilia Brarda

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    Rezak (Type Specimen & Marketing Videos)

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