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  1. Olive green cover with black and orange type. (Letterform Archive)
  2. Letter Library

    Hamburger Druckschrift // LLC981

    Grayish peacock cover with bright orange type and muted orange details. (Letterform Archive)
  3. Title translation - "Novelty modern decoration in 12 series 1 and 2 color" Variety of type matched for art noveau decoration catalog (Letterform Archive)
  4. Letter Library

    Nordische Schriften // LLC913

    Dark gray cover with black and orange details and a large griffin.
  5. Gray ornamental cover. 29 page booket in assorted colors and ornaments (Letterform Archive)
  6. Letter Library

    Reichs-Deutsch // LLC894

    Specimen booklet, 24-page and printed wrappers; this edition 1904 (Letterform Archive)
  7. Letter Library

    Behrens-Kursiv und Schmuck // LLC875

    Cover is printed gold on black; accompanying ornaments included in this specimen. 44-page book including tip-ins. (Letterform Archive)
  8. Letter Library

    Des Créations Françaises // LLC853

    La “Française légère” et les “Ornements” d’Auriol Grey textured soft cover. 16 pages including endsheets. Printed in color. Open measurements: 27 x 40 cm (Letterform Archive)
  9. Letter Library

    Bernhard // LLC811

    Book. Cover: black and orange ink on white die-cut label, white ink on black paper. Interior: mixed ink on white paper. Includes: Magere Bernhard-Fraktur, Fette Bernhard-Fraktur, Extrafette Bernhard-Fraktur, Extrafette Bernhard-Fraktur, Schmalfette Bernhard-Fraktur, Magere Bernhard-Antiqua, Fette Bernhard-Antiqua, Extrafette Bernhard-Antiqua, Schmalfette Bernhard-Antiqua, Magere Bernhard-Kursiv, Fette Bernhard-Kursiv, Bernhard-Initialen, Schmalfette Bernhard-Fraktur in Holz, Extrafette Bernhard-Fraktur in Holz, Schmalfette Bernhard-Antiqua in Holz, Fette Bernhard-Antiqua in Holz, Extrafette Bernhard-Antiqua in Holz, Fette Bernhard-Kursiv in Holz, Bernhard-Schmuck, Schraffierte Linien in Messing, Handschrift-Linien in Messing, Bernhard-Vignetten (Letterform Archive)
  10. Letter Library

    Bauersche Fraktur // LLC800

    16-page booklet plus cover and folded newsprint insert. Cover: black ink on white label on blue paper. Interior: orange, green, and black ink on white paper. (Letterform Archive)
  11. Letter Library

    Barlösius-Schrift // LLC794

    30-page booklet plus cover. Cover: black ink on brown paper. Interior: green, black, blue, and brown ink on creme paper with lower edge deckled. (Letterform Archive)
  12. Letter Library

    Fafner-Grotesk // LLC658

    Fafner-Grotesk Booklet, 8 pages. Cover reads "Fafner" in black with red underline at top, rooster emblem in black, red, and blue at center. Last pages fold out.
  13. Letter Library

    Imperial // LLC538

  14. Letter Library

    Sorbonne // LLC537

  15. Letter Library

    Handprobe // LLC521

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