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  1. 312 pages, hardcover with a black background and either a blackletter logo or an art nouveau ornament in the center. Year of publication unknown. Based on the shown typefaces, it could have been published around 1915.
  2. 720 pages, hardcover with a beige/brown background and golden and red logo in the center and on the spine
  3. Letter Library

    Signal Truck // LLC1082

    1:87 miniature Mercedes tractor-trailer truck, cast metal with plastic trailer. Packed in blister carton.
  4. 38-page booklet plus cover. Cover: purple and forest-green ink on grey paper. Interior: mixed inks and papers. (Letterform Archive)
  5. Letter Library

    Foreign Language Type Faces // LLC1043

    20-page booklet plus cover. Cover: orange and black ink on olive-green paper. Interior: black ink on white paper. Includes blackletter and various languages. (Letterform Archive)
  6. Letter Library

    Old Roman Family // LLC1040

    24-page booklet plus cover. Cover: navy-blue and gold ink on blue paper, embossed. Interior: red and forest-green ink on light-green paper. (Letterform Archive)
  7. Book. Mustard-yellow cover with black text and GH bird emblem. (Letterform Archive)
  8. Letter Library

    Czeschka-Antiqua // LLC991

    Sewn brochure (plain paper covers). 16 leaves printed in 3 colours & gold. Sq. 8vo. Fine/very fine copy of a beautiful and rare Jugendstil specimen. German text. (Letterform Archive)
  9. Gray cover with black and golden-yellow ink. 8 page booklet printed with brown, green black inks. Loose type sample between pages 2-3. (Letterform Archive)
  10. Letter Library

    Grasset-Antiqua und Kursiv // LLC980

    Cream-colored cover with orange and black type. "Joseph Keller" stamped in purple ink in the top right corner of the cover. Includes additional poster measuring 29 x 44 cm when unfolded.
  11. Letter Library

    Baltisch // LLC967

    Folded tabloid sheet. Cover and inside spread printed in black, yellow and green. Back cover printed in black and brown. (Letterform Archive)
  12. Letter Library

    Akzidenzschrift Fränkisch // LLC964

    Booklet, 16pg with soft laid letterpressed cover, bound with white string. (Letterform Archive)
  13. Letter Library

    Halbfette Feder-Grotesk // LLC948

    16-page booklet with gray cover, black border and orange text. (Letterform Archive)
  14. Letter Library

    Erbar-Mediaeval-Kursiv // LLC946

    18-page booklet with green borders and black text on cover. Interior is printed in three colors. (Letterform Archive)
  15. Building embossed on cover with red and black blackletter. (Letterform Archive)
  16. Letter Library

    Erbar-Kanzlei // LLC924

    Dark red cover and 16-page interior. (Letterform Archive)
  17. Letter Library

    Alemannia-Fraktur: Drei Garnituren // LLC923

    Green and black ink of textured paper. Specimen folds out show four pages at once. (Letterform Archive)
  18. 52 page booklets printed in 4 color featuring Feder Grotesk, Feder Grotesk Ornaments and borders. (Letterform Archive)
  19. Pink cover printed with black and green inks. 20 page booklet in assorted colors: black, green, blue, orange, red (Letterform Archive)
  20. Letter Library

    Neudeutsch // LLC899

    Green cover with black and orange type. Large unfoldable poster pasted on third cover.
  21. Letter Library

    Plantin-Antiqua und Plantin-Kursiv // LLC893

    Yellowish-brown cover with black type and orange details. (Letterform Archive)
  22. Letter Library

    Alte Schwabacher // LLC889

    Book. Grey cover with orange and green text, green ornaments around border. (Letterform Archive)
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