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  1. 0ver 300 pages. Slightly different versions seem to exist.
  2. Letter Library

    Veltro // LLC1077

    Single folded page with 2 color printing. Use cases also feature Semplicità, Landi, Etrusco, and Cairoli. (Letterform Archive)
  3. Letter Library

    Symphonia Graphica // LLC1072

    26-page staple-bound booklet with four-color printing. Interior features alternating paper (with mock ads) and onion-skin leaves (with typeface name, style, and series number). (Letterform Archive)
  4. 16-page booklet plus cover. Cover: magenta, orange, and black ink on white paper. Interior: mixed inks on white paper. (Letterform Archive)
  5. Letter Library

    The Pompeian Cursive Series // LLC1039

    Folded sheet. Black ink on white paper. (Letterform Archive)
  6. Letter Library

    Fluidum // LLC1023

    Folder with 11 loose leaves of different sizes and paper stocks showing use cases of Fluidum. (Letterform Archive)
  7. Letter Library

    Caratteri Landi // LLC1017

    5-page pamphlet with 2 color printing. (Letterform Archive)
  8. Letter Library

    Egyptiennes: Série Landi // LLC1016

    Single page with 3-color printing, folded. (Letterform Archive)
  9. Letter Library

    Landi Linear // LLC1015

    Tri-folded page with 3-color printing. (Letterform Archive)
  10. Letter Library

    Neon [folder] // LLC1010

    Envelope filled with various loose papers. White cover with a sepia-tinted photograph printed on the flap. (Letterform Archive)
  11. Letter Library

    Neon // LLC1009

    Tri-fold pamphlet with transparent cover and 2- color printing. (Letterform Archive)
  12. Letter Library

    Paganini // LLC1007

    Booklet. Black-and-white photograph of a statue of a woman on the cover. Large lowercase "a" on the cover made of crosshatches. (Letterform Archive)
  13. Letter Library

    Razionale // LLC1005

    Tri-fold pamphlet printed in 2 color. (Letterform Archive)
  14. Booklet with folding envelope cover. (Letterform Archive)
  15. Letter Library

    Semplicità // LLC998

    12-page staple-bound booklet with 3-color printing. Includes initials and use cases in multiple languages. (Letterform Archive)
  16. Letter Library

    Fette Fraktur, Fette Gotisch // LLC989

    Staple-bound booklet. Cream cover with black and orange type. (Letterform Archive)
  17. Letter Library

    Genzsch-Antiqua // LLC986

    2 color type specimen catalog (brown cover with red-orange type block) alphabet around red-orange colorblock. (Letterform Archive)
  18. Light brown cover with black type and carmine stripe. (Letterform Archive)
  19. Letter Library

    Fridericus-Antiqua // LLC978

    Cream-colored cover with yellow rectangle and brown type. Two loose sheets inside. (Letterform Archive)
  20. Letter Library

    Brahms-Gotisch // LLC971

    Long double folded sheet/booklet. Printed in black and orange. (Letterform Archive)
  21. Letter Library

    Bodoni [GH] // LLC970

    Tri-fold brochure with image of Bodoni on cover. Printed in black and blue featuring typeface in 3 weights (Letterform Archive)
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