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  1. Letter Library

    Schriftenkartei // LLC1577

    Produced between 1958 and 1971, the Schriftenkartei (Typeface Index) represents a West German agency’s effort to catalog all the country’s typefaces in production at the time. All seven foundries were on board: Bauersche Gießerei, H. Berthold AG, Genzsch & Heyse, Ludwig & Mayer, D. Stempel AG, Johannes Wagner GmbH, and C. E. Weber. (Letterform Archive) For cards from East Germany see entry LLC1582.
  2. Letter Library

    Meister-Ornamente // LLC1506

    ~40-page booklet with letterpress ornanents
  3. Letter Library

    Torino: roman, roman italic // LLC1079

    Single folded page printed in three colors. (Letterform Archive)
  4. Letter Library

    Torino, Microgramma // LLC1078

    Single page with 3-color printing on both sides. One side features Torino and the other Microgramma (Letterform Archive)
  5. Letter Library

    Creazioni Nebiolo // LLC1076

    Staple-bound booklet with fold-out pages with 2 color printing. (Letterform Archive)
  6. Letter Library

    Nebiolo Typefaces // LLC1075

    Folded poster-sized sheet with 3-color printing. (Letterform Archive)
  7. Letter Library

    Caratteri Nebiolo • Torino // LLC1067

    Booklet with various type specimens, cover yellow and blue, with a blue tree holding single letters on its branches. (Letterform Archive)
  8. Letter Library

    Recueil de La Fonderie M-Olive // LLC1062

    Folder with 5 loose sheets, showing different weights and widths of the Chambord typeface. (Letterform Archive)
  9. Letter Library

    Choc: Dynamique … // LLC1061

    12-page staple-bound booklet with 4-color printing and tansparent sheets inside cover. (Letterform Archive)
  10. Letter Library

    Vendôme: La Vendôme Vend // LLC1060

    4-page staple-bound booklet with 4-color printing. Seven loose leaf pages included, showing all the different variants of Vendôme. "ca. 1953" is noted on the cover, but the specimen includes Vendôme Étroit, which was released in 1954. Subtitle is a phrase repeated throughout that translates as "The Vendôme Sells." Specimen designed by Roger Excoffon. (Letterform Archive)
  11. 8-page staple-bound booklet with cardstock cover and 4-color printing. Specimen designed by Roger Excoffon (Letterform Archive)
  12. 20-page staple-bound booklet with one-color printing. Cover has 2 color printing, and specimen contains endsheets. (Letterform Archive)
  13. Letter Library

    3 Scriptes // LLC1057

    24-page booklet featuring three scripts and use cases. (Letterform Archive)
  14. Letter Library

    Chambord, Mistral, Vendôme, Banco // LLC1055

    11 loose folios with folded cover. (Letterform Archive)
  15. Letter Library

    Fonderie Olive Séries Récentes // LLC1053

    Spiral bound specimen with hard cover and 2 color printing. (Letterform Archive)
  16. Letter Library

    Augustea: A Nebiolo Series // LLC1037

    Red pamphlet with image of Roman relief on cover (Letterform Archive)
  17. Letter Library

    Augustea: A Nebiolo Typeface // LLC1036

    White pamphlet with Roman relief on cover. (Letterform Archive)
  18. Single folded page with 2 color printing. Features Egizio first and then Juliet. (Letterform Archive)
  19. Tri-fold pamphlet with four-color cover. (Letterform Archive)
  20. Single-folded pamphlet with two-color cover. (Letterform Archive)
  21. Letter Library

    Microgramma: A Nebiolo Type Series // LLC1011

    Booklet. Sea foam green cover printed with red and black ink. Large white "M" takes up over half of the cover. (Letterform Archive)
  22. Letter Library

    Slogan: una schietta pennellata // LLC997

    Tri-fold booklet with loose leaf printed in 4-color. (Letterform Archive)
  23. Letter Library

    Torino: available from 8 to 48 point // LLC995

    8-page staple-bound booklet with 2 color print. Type specimen designed by Nickolas Storto (Letterform Archive)
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