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  1. Letter Library

    Ad Lib // LLC2056

    Small double gate-fold brochure with multi-color type on black background. (Letterform Archive)
  2. Letter Library

    Promotor // LLC1840

    Trifold brochure, orange, blue-gray, and black inks on ivory paper. Cover with large white “P” separating orange and blue-grey color blocks, “Promotor” in black at right. (Letterform Archive)
  3. Letter Library

    Cairo: Another New Intertype Face // LLC1824

    Saddle stitch binding. blue or orange cover.
  4. Letter Library

    Promotor // LLC1809

    Green folder, contains 3 loose sheets and a booklet. (Letterform Archive)
  5. Letter Library

    Promotor // LLC1808

    Green booklet, 14 pages + cover. (Letterform Archive)
  6. Threefold, red wine and black inks on ivory paper (Letterform Archive)
  7. Leaflet (Orange, red, brown and violet background in ivory paper) with a attached piece of paper (violet and black inks on ivory paper) (Letterform Archive)
  8. Letter Library

    Pascal Romein // LLC1801

    Two pieces: 1.- Threefold, indian red, black and bluegray inks on ivory paper. 2.- Leaflet, orange and brown inks on ochre paper. (Letterform Archive)
  9. Letter Library

    Pascal // LLC1800

    12 pages + cover (Dark blue-gray background) (Letterform Archive)
  10. Letter Library

    Skizziervorlagen // LLC1796

    Folder with 56 loose sheets. Cover in blue and green. Specimen pages in black and white.
  11. Letter Library

    Mercator // LLC1787

    Long booklet, saddle stitch binding. 16 pages + cover. 2 color printing. Ochre cover. Black and ochre ink. (Letterform Archive)
  12. Letter Library

    Lectura Salutem // LLC1779

    Black Folder with a green rubber band. Contains 10 folded sheets (Letterform Archive)
  13. Letter Library

    The Five Columbia Type Series // LLC1602

    Book, 24 pages. Saddle stitched. 3 color printing. Black, red, and gray ink. (Letterform Archive)
  14. Letter Library

    Lettergieterij Amsterdam: Columbia // LLC1601

    Loose leaf, folded booklet. Double sided. 2 color printing. Black and red ink.
  15. Letter Library

    Columbia // LLC1600

    Loose leaf, folded. Double sided. 3 color printing. Black, gold, and red inks. (Letterform Archive)
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